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10 Best Softwares to Run Android Apps on Windows/Mac

10 Best Softwares to Run Android Apps on Windows/Mac

Android is a tool that works the cell (OS) is primarily based on the Linux kernel is developed via Google. Interface with someone entirely based on direct manipulation, the robot is mainly for mobile touchscreen devices including smart phones and computer systems pill, with user interfaces specialized for TVs Design (Android TV), automotive (robot car), and watches (Android status On) . The operating system makes use of touch-screen input, which loosely correspond to, the actual global moves, such as beating, tapping, pinching, and vice-pinching to manipulate objects on the screen, and a numeric keypad. Regardless of being widely spoken designed to introduce touch screen, plus it has been used in gaming devices, and virtual cameras, computers and regular computer (such as HP Slate 21) and various electronics.


  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Free Space needed: 500 MB disk space
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later, Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later

Bluestacks or Bluestacks 2

BlueStacks is a software company based in Silicon Valley in the first place that produces BlueStacks applications participant BlueStacks Cloud connectivity. Both of goods which are designed to allow Android packages to run on Windows PCs and Macintosh computers and computer pills home pregnancy windows. His work became established in 2008 by Rosen Sharma, former CTO at McAfee and member of the Board of Management

Organization official version can also be 25.2011, at the Citrix Synergy conference in San Francisco. CEO Mark Templeton, Citrix has proved a model early in the BlueStacks on stage and announced that the two groups may form a partnership. Associate Application and Cloud join in absolute alpha-General on October 11, 2011. Player application is a piece of downloadable software for Windows, which comes pre-loaded with several applications (including information Bloomberg, words with friends and drag racing). More applications that can be downloaded on the use of the channel "Featured Apps" available with the program. Cloud join is download Android app from Android Market that allows additional applications to be paid to the participant BlueStacks applications from any Android device. The indexing of the goods at the moment and beta software is available without spending a dime download.


Windroy more than just a competitor. It's a full upgrade of the device to run Android windows of the house. Which means that the tendency of a good deal faster than the different simulation which include BlueStacks in respect of applications to walk. And promiscuous create Windroy download via Socketeq. Interface Windroy exactly similar to the interface Android system on most Android devices. It integrates with many of the windows of the house inclusive of flash and a home player and Windows Media software. Screen Windroy consumer interface display customizable allowing the consumer to control the size of the screen is real. Applications run very smoothly on Windroy with issues.


Youwave is a terrific another application to run Android applications on your home computer windows. It is a piece lighter assessment of BlueStacks and working properly. That gives you the ability to download many Android applications simultaneously and works well. Contemporary version of this application is to provide you with Android ICS so it can be a few of the wonderful sports applications for your computer immediately. Other wonderful function is that this program provides you with the ability to import application. This means you can actually import applications to run. When you have a hard and fast storage of APK files on your laptop, then you can use the same to run at your computer. Earn recommend you this application is that it has a range of online store from where you can get everything. So lets being with Youwave.

Youwave is not a free software. But you will be given a 10 days trial


Droid4x is a nice robot simulation than ever before, which leads in the aspects of overall performance, and user experience, compatibility and control games. Making hundreds of thousands of cell video games and applications such as computing device revel in. They had undertaken a step forward to fulfill the core robot and image rendering, under Configuration computer hardware equality, and overall performance year of similar products from different extra 50%. They solved problems flawless in the interest ARM which works under x86 and well-matched packs and games because it was more than 99%. Droid4x is a multi-touch support primary simulator in the world, Droid4x, games and revel in the management of a long way over the smartphone.

Droid4X is Pre-rooted Android Emulator.


Genymotion Emulator is very rapid robot that comes with pre-configured robots (with x86-accelerated OpenGL program) images, suitable for the application of checking out. The mission of the project has advanced BuildDroid vintage, then AndroVM, and comes with a brand new player, the installer and the largest design. Genymotion Android Emulator is incredibly fast, which comes with a pre-configured robots (up to x86 with OpenGL acceleration program) images, suitable for application testing. Mission was developed AndroidVM antique springs with a new co-planning and installer.

Andyroid - Andy OS

AndyRoid is considered one of the personal type have Android emulator for Windows home 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. It supports some specific capabilities not supported by using every other robot simulation available as well - to use the phone as far off control even in the gambling and video games! , ARM help, you can deploy applications in a single simulator Andy time through the surface of your host desktop browser. Andyroid can generally be very comparable and can be described as a sophisticated alternative Genymotion for both of them require VirtualBox to be established in the tool.


Manymo is higher emulator. Short and lightweight browser beginning of robot simulation to integrate applications in web sites, development and cooperation, and a computerized test and quality assurance. Free trial, no card credit score. The release of any competitor without the expense - or create a promiscuous account to download applications and use functions improved. Credit card unclaimed. Include applications in web sites. The actual download, Android apps usable fully to websites and without difficulty as adding YouTube videos. Share hyperlinks open up an emulator and the release of the application. Expand domestic packages using Eclipse, IntelliJ of / IDE and SDK equipment (for example, ADB) - or the development of cellular Internet with designs HTML5 response. Automate test the use of dozens of Android virtual machines of different sizes display screen and operating system versions. It works with any Android, such as the automation platform thinking. It has issued additional 100,000 people and organizations millions of simulated Manymo.

DuOS-M Android Emulator/ Amiduos

There was tough competition between YouWave and DUOS-M for the final spot on both promiscuous provide 1-month primary, but in the long run I decided to go with DUOS-M completely personal desire. DUOS gives full Android experience on your computer, even with the help of multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom and many others. As a result of the simplification of computer games. DUOS-M Android emulator offers in addition to the GPS and vigilance software is compatible with the system and also the easiest to apply! Thus, it simply makes this text although it gives more useful unfastened trial for a month.

Xamarin Android player

Xamarin Android Associate deep integration with Visual Studio and Studio Xamarin local user interface on both Mac and home windows. Go for a walk on a digital device Android to x86 using default and OpenGL hardware acceleration, Xamarin Android co-much faster than the stock Android emulator. Xamarin Android player works with Visual Studio, Studio Xamarin and any other application is well suited with the Asian Development Bank. Xamarin Android player I am sure is one of the maximum hears Android emulator / simulator!. Eventhough, which is unheard of and relatively less popular - an all too accurate! Because it offers a brand new Android Enjoy your laptop / Mac for free. After that has been developed using a provider oriented organization necessary awareness on builders- bugless a type of programming. However, like GenyMotion and Andy OS - Xamarin does not call for the virtual container dependencies.


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