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Create a Chat Room in Seconds and Embed on Website

Create a Chat Room in Seconds and Embed on Website

There are a dozen exotic ways to chat with people in these days, to chat in the Twitter messages directly to applications such as Slack, snapchat and GroupMe.

If you want to create your own with no more fuss than typing in the unique URL of its kind in your web browser, although you can not go wrong with, therefore, bare bones approach is nothing new frills for private chat that seems like something from the DOS era. This means that in a good way.

It's dead simple to use (although you can also run your own server) can be disposed of incredible. Perfect for those quick chats you need to make happen that you may not want something like Slack, which keeps an archive of all the comments inappropriate you've written ever. to create a disposable, simply go to the site and add to it? And a string of text to the URL. For example, you will create a chat room called "random channel." Any text string will also work, so do not hesitate to get too crazy with nonsense characters.

You can send a new URL to anyone you need to talk with the private sector, and have chat in less than 10 seconds. No channel lists kept anywhere, so the random people do not appear in your (unless you use something to guess the name of the channel).

Formatting is possible with LaTeX markup, too.

Here are some of the channels Home have to be able to join the test. Just add the name to the site

Creator Andrew Belt, a student at the University of Tennessee, and promises that they do not have the date of the letter kept servers, so it can generate random channel names for a purely private discussions.

You can also use it in your website by using the icons below but replace the highlighted red text with a unique name, height with your choice.

<iframe frameborder="0" height="500" src="" width="100%"></iframe>

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