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How to Track Facebook Log-in Locations?

How to Track Facebook Log-in Locations?

Social networking sites are different levels of privacy provided. For some social networking sites like Facebook, and provide real names and other personal information encourages site (on page known as the "Profile"). This information usually consists of the date of birth, current address, and phone number (s). Some sites also allow users to provide more information about themselves, such as interests, hobbies, favorite books or movies, and even the relationship mode. However, there are other social networking sites, like, where most people prefer to be anonymous. Thus, linking users to their true identity can be difficult sometimes to some extent. However, individuals can sometimes be determined with the face re-identification. Studies conducted on two major social networking sites, and have found that the overlap of 15% of similar images, profile images with similar images on multiple sites can be matched to identify users.

On May 12, 2011, Facebook announced that it has several new security features designed to protect users launch malicious software and access to their accounts kidnapping. Facebook will display warnings when users are about to be fooled by clickjacking attacks and cross-site scripting, who believe they are following up to an exciting news story or take action to see the video and instead end up dumping their friends. Facebook also offers two-factor called "Login Approvals", which, if turned authentication, and will require users to enter a code whenever you log on to the site from a new device or unknown. It is sent via text code on the user's mobile phone message. Facebook partnered with the Web free of trust service safe surfing to give Facebook users more information about the sites linking to those social network. When the user clicks on a malicious link, warning that gives more information about why the site may be dangerous box will appear. The user can either ignore the warning or return to the previous page.

How to Track Logging in Locations in Facebook?

#1: Log in to your Facebook Account.

#2: Click on Settings.

#3: Then click on Security from the right side menu.

How to Track Facebook Log-in Locations?

#4: Now, click on 'Where You're Logged In' option.

#5: The list will be appeared where your Facebook account currently opened.

#6: You can End activity by clicking on 'End All Activity'.

#7: Done


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